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      Corrima Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd
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      About Us

             Corrima Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd is dedicated and specialized in developing and manufacturing household or commercial automatic coffee machine, espresso coffee machine, capsule coffee machine, drip coffee machine, milk frother, coffee grinder and other appliances which are related to coffee and tea making. 

             Corrima is located in Shunde which is famous as the hometown of household appliance all over the world. Corrima is close to Shunde Port and Zhongshan Port, which ensures convenience of shipping and land-carriage. Our factory and office covers 4,000 square meters which runs according to ISO9001 standards. 

             As a company which specialized in the development, manufacturing and sales of professional coffee machines, we have a well-experienced team for new model designing that have acquired many national invention patents and design patents for all of our products. Our strong capability and worldwide patents should help us to keep a leading position in terms of research and design. 

             Corrima takes the quality tenet as ¡°Quality comes first¡± and ¡°Quality is essential for enterprise survival¡±. Since establishment, Corrima has got the CC, UL/CUL£¨ETL\CETL£©, GS, SAA,  CE, EMC, FDA, LFGB and DGCRRF certificates. Also Corrima favorably passed the ISO9001 quality and management system certificate. Furthermore, Corrima possesses rich technical capacity, product developing ability. Our products have been exported to Europe, Middle East, Asia, South America, North America, Africa etc. Products have gained very good reputation in not only mainland China but also foreign countries. 

             We always welcome you to visit or contact us for discussion on our business cooperation. We look forward to cooperating with you and create a mutually beneficial long term relationship in the future.
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      Address:Shilong Industrial Park, Lunjiao Town,Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province, PRC
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